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Velocity 2014 Competition

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Hello people.

Check this out

This looks like a good competition – I’m planning to submit my mobile film “Passion” there. Even though it’s a really trivial video created mainly because of lack of a good idea, I’m pretty proud of it and how it looks. You can check the video a few posts below.

Let’s win some shi…. stuff!

Elephants Dream – Another finished project!

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Here is a short film for which I took part in creating the soundtrack. This was a university project, where as a team we had to create the entire soundtrack in a few weeks.

My main role in this one was designing / manipulating the sounds, creating FX, automation and editing / syncing everything.

Click below to read a little bit more about the film.

Passion (Mobile Short Film)

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During the past 11 weeks I have been expanding my knowledge about Mobile Film-making and here is my final film in which I have used everything I learnt so far, including how to shoot good looking footage on a phone, what apps are out there and which are the ones that would suit my preference and finally – how difficult, yet rewarding it is to deliver a simple message in a short, less-than-2-minute video.

New Music Video

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Here is a new music video promoting my new album that came out on 4.04.2014. A lot of work went into this! Thanks to the people who worked on it.

You can buy my CD here

or listen to it here


Mastering my new CD

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We just spent a week mastering my upcoming CD called “Domino” that is being officially released in Poland by Urban Records.

Busy, busy, busy.


“Domino” Trailer!

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Hey there,

as my CD release is really close, I have worked with Patryk Enerlich ( on this video trailer.

This was pretty much the first time I’ve ever done Sound Design and I think it worked out pretty well.

Here’s the session – not that much going on, but my computer still couldn’t manage and kept crashing. Oh well.

Screenshot 2014-05-15 17.32.44

“Domino” Photo Shoot

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As my CD is about to release on 04.04.2014 I needed some photos for the CD Cover. Here are a few that were taken by Marcin Tabaszewski ( Very talented photographer!

IMG_6339 IMG_6344

Save the vinyl – New clothing brand!

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One of my friends has just released a new collection of clothes. I’m proud to wear these and be sponsored by the brand and this is some high quality stuff. Have a look.


St. Vincent @ Manchester Cathedral

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Recently I started work experience for STS Touring and because of that I had a chance of working at a gig in Manchester Cathedral. St. Vincent was headlining and a really good band called Glass Animals supported.

I’m really amazed with how much work actually go into a gig like that. 8AM load-in, midnight loadout. Amazing.


Stop, listen, appreciate (Making of)

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Stop, listen, appreciate (Making of)

Hello. This is a video I shot using my phone and a “fake GoPro” camera that my brother owns.